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Alex Adame
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Description about the company
This brand stands out by embracing a timeless and non-trendy aesthetic, prioritizing enduring style over fleeting fashion. Their main objective is clear: a relentless commitment to quality. Every piece they create is a testament to craftsmanship and durability, eschewing passing trends in favor of enduring design.
This brand invites customers to invest in pieces that not only withstand the test of time but also exude a distinct, classic elegance. In a world of fast-changing fads, this brand remains a steadfast beacon of enduring quality and style.
The objective

Outline the client's

primary goals and objectives

for the website

The hungryEyes wanted a straight forward website that was easy to use. Together with Alex we customized and designed the website perfectly for his vission additionally, the website should serve as a platform to communicate the brand's story, values, and dedication to quality. Integration of high-quality visuals and clear product descriptions would be essential to showcase the craftsmanship and detailing that sets the brand apart. A straightforward and secure e-commerce functionality should be implemented to facilitate easy transactions for customers who appreciate and seek out enduring, non-trendy pieces. Overall, the website's objective is to mirror the brand's ethos, offering a sophisticated online space for customers who
value quality over fleeting trends.

Understanding the client's

needs and the Alex Adame philosophy.

Understanding the core philosophy of this brand began with a visit to the shop and studio, where I gained firsthand insights into the craftsmanship and commitment to timeless style. Engaging with the creator, I sketched a vision for the website using Figma, translating the essence of the moving into the development phase, I opted for WordPress, a platform that aligns seamlessly with the brand's need for a classic and reliable online presence. The design translated effortlessly into a functional website, emphasizing user-friendly navigation and showcasing the brand's commitment to quality. Through this collaborative process, the website became not just a digital storefront but a virtual extension of the brand's ethos, inviting customers to explore and appreciate the enduring elegance of each meticulously crafted piece.
Design & development


The most significant challenge I encountered in developing the website for this brand was navigating the realm of WordPress plugins, especially those essential for an effective e-commerce setup. Integrating the right plugins for seamless transactions and a secure online shopping experience required careful consideration and testing.
Additionally, ensuring that the website's design retained its timeless quality while incorporating necessary e-commerce functionalities posed a creative challenge. Balancing aesthetics with the need for a practical and user-friendly interface required thoughtful decision-making in both design and development phases.
Another challenge emerged in optimizing the website for performance and speed. Achieving a swift and responsive user experience while incorporating rich visuals to showcase the craftsmanship demanded strategic solutions to maintain both visual appeal and functionality.
Despite these challenges, the end result is a WordPress-powered website that not only encapsulates the brand's philosophy but also provides a smooth and secure platform for customers to explore and invest in the enduring quality of the brand's offerings.




Navigating WordPress e-commerce plugins posed a hurdle. Thorough research and expert advice led to a curated, secure selection. Blending timeless aesthetics with e-commerce functionality demanded simplicity. Intuitive design and strategic placement Swift navigation without compromising visuals required refining images and optimizing code. Mastering WordPress e-commerce intricacies refined plugin selection, design simplicity, and performance optimization skills, resulting in a digital platform that echoes the brand's ethos.