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Zuzana Pollakova
Web design
Web development
Description about the company
Founded in 1958, several generations of students have received an extensive education at Colegio San Patricio that exceeds international standards, with international and national baccalaureate students achieving grades above the world average.
The comprehensive educational model ensures that students graduate with a solid academic foundation, life skills and transferable knowledge, in addition to having a desire to make a positive contribution to their community - a result of the Catholic values that underpin the school's ethos.

Outline the client's

primary goals and objectives

for the website

The Montessori School approached me to develop a user-friendly website, aiming to facilitate easy access to information for parents while aligning with the school's distinctive educational approach. My task involved designing a modern, professional website that not only met these practical objectives but also effectively communicated the essence of the Montessori philosophy.
The objective

Understanding the client's

needs and the Montessori philosophy.

I started by really getting to know what the Montessori School needed and how they teach kids. After that, using Figma, I created the first sketches and mockups for the website. Figma allowed me to visually map out the initial design ideas and make changes based on feedback, ensuring a collaborative and efficient design process. I kept improving those plans based on what the school wanted. The final website is a mix of modern design and the unique way Montessori teaches, making it easy and interesting for people to use.
Design & development


Facing the project head-on, several challenges emerged that demanded thoughtful solutions. One significant challenge was finding the right balance between modern design aesthetics and the traditional, child-centric Montessori approach. Finding the right balance was really important to make sure the website felt both modern and matched the school's values.
Another challenge involved the delicate task of making the website informative without sacrificing simplicity. The goal was to provide parents with essential information about the school without overwhelming them with unnecessary details.
Additionally, integrating interactive elements posed a challenge. The task was to enhance user engagement without making the website difficult to navigate. This required careful consideration of user experience and interface design.
To address these challenges, I immersed myself in learning more about web development and incorporated specific interactions and animations. This not only added a dynamic touch to the website but also contributed to a more engaging and user-friendly online experience.




The end result of my efforts is a website that not only meets the goals set by the Montessori School but also has a positive impact. The new website has improved online visibility, making it easier for parents to find important information. The design reflects the school's unique philosophy, creating a welcoming online space. Positive feedback from parents and increased website traffic demonstrate the meaningful impact of our work,  contributing to a more effective and engaging digital presence for the Montessori School.